Stories of Inspiration

In the story of creation, Jesus is the hero. Life is often hard as we sin and experience the effects of sin, but through Jesus, God redeems our stories and creates a new story of hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Though life is not always perfect and without pain, the Bible promises that Jesus loves us, has good plans for us, and brings healing to us, even in the hardest of circumstances. Each week, we hear wonderful stories of Jesus’ work in changing lives at Lake Pointe Church. These stories are testaments to the truth that Jesus is the hero of this world and of our lives.

No One Knew

Many of us walk through life with a protective shell standing between the real us and everyone else. We tuck things away and keep them hidden...

Mission: Full Circle

Sometimes we face devastating heartbreak in this world and are left feeling forgotten and hopeless- as if the pain will never release us from its grip.

Walk the Walk

It’s Sunday morning and church service begins in ten minutes. Greeters stand at the door offering smiles, babies pass from one pair of cradled arms...