Walk the Walk

Written by Amanda Cunningham.


It’s Sunday morning and church service begins in ten minutes. Greeters stand at the door offering smiles, babies pass from one pair of cradled arms to a team of outstretched hands, feet shuffle and hustle through the halls and cross or tuck beneath the seats, coffee wafts through the halls and music pours through ears and into hearts. Maybe you notice a few familiar faces - maybe you don’t know a soul. But if you knew Rex and Kay Pollock, you would know where they were on Sundays - walking into church together, waving at friends, and anticipating class as they did every Sunday for over fifty years.

Rex was 13 when an 11 year old girl named Kay moved in across the street one summer. He had never been to church or read the Bible before, but Kay’s family was different. They went to church every Sunday and Rex soon joined them just so he could sit next to Kay and hold her hand. Two years later, he knew he wanted to be baptized. One night, he snuck a change of clothes, went to Kay’s house and was baptized at church. When he returned home, he told his mom he had accepted Christ and been baptized, not thinking she would know what that meant. She told him, “Young man, if I would have known that, you wouldn’t have got out of the house.”

He found his joy in teaching the Bible.

Rex and Kay grew up together and they also grew in love. RexWeddingHe gave her an engagement ring when she was 16 and they waited until after she graduated high school to marry on Labor Day in 1960. Rex’s career brought them from their hometown in Oklahoma to Maryland, then Georgia, and eventually to Texas. No matter where their life brought them, he found his joy in teaching the Bible to adults in their church. Rex had been teaching for 13 years when their hunt for a new church home brought them to Lake Pointe.

At the time, the church had moved from its humble beginnings in an abandoned bait house and was meeting in a small building on Dalrock Road. It held about 300 people each service and the first time Rex and Kay were a part of that 300 headcount, Rex was blown away by a young pastor named Steve Stroope. “It was 1984. Steve was 31 years old and I thought, man, that guy is phenomenal. This is the best preacher I ever heard. I told Kay we need to be serving at this church and we never left after that.” Rex started teaching Sunday school in 1985 and has been teaching the same class at Lake Pointe for 32 years, non-stop.

You may call it Sunday school but we call it Life Group.

“I have had some of the same folks in my class for over 25 years. You might call it Sunday school but we call it Life Group. Some of the pastors I used to call on to substitute have retired, some have passed away, some are still around and they’ve gone on to start new classes. We have had a lot of people come and go but I have never left that class. I just enjoy teaching the Bible and making it come alive.”

RexLifeGroupRex and Kay built a wonderful life and marriage centered in Christ. They loved to travel the world together, they brought their coupon book with them every Friday night when they went out for dinner, and they were dedicated to serving their church. They never had children but were still blessed with family, living close to Kay’s two sisters and then growing up with their new Lake Pointe family. They never experienced financial problems and never fought over anything more than where to eat for dinner. However, Kay fought her share of physical ailments throughout her lifetime, struggling with rheumatoid arthritis since she was a child and ulcerative colitis as an adult, but she never could have expected the battle cancer would bring until she was diagnosed in 2003.

She was my treasure. And she still is.

After over forty years of marriage, they were faced with a level of uncertainty they had never experienced before, but they were not rattled. “When the doctors came in the room and told us their treatment plans for Kay, I looked at all fourteen of them and said, ‘You guys are brilliant, but you’re not in charge.’”

Rex and Kay refused to give in to worry by stressing about the various outcomes and wondering how much longer Kay would remain here.  “I don’t worry much about anything because I can’t control it. We can pray to be healed or mended but the bottom line is, it’s God’s will. We have to pray for God’s will, not for what we want. And I have to give Kay the credit for reminding me that it’s not about us; it’s about Him. She was my treasure. And she still is.”