One Song Can Change a Man

Written by Amanda Cunningham.

Lake Pointe Church sprawls across five different campuses, each with its own worship team. When they get up on stage every weekend, we may not know their names, how they ended up here, or even how we ended up here ourselves. Yet we know how we feel when the music starts. Sometimes the songs prompt us to make a change in our lives, or the beat of the music makes us stand up and put our hands to the heavens. As we peer back into the smiling faces leading us to sing, we may be unaware of one song’s power to soften a heart.

A young married couple named Danny and Suzanne Davis were on the hunt to find a home church back in 1989. Danny grew up in Arkansas. Suzanne grew up in Garland, TX. Their musical backgrounds and talent wereOneSong 2 well known throughout the Dallas area, because they participated with worship teams at many churches, including Lake Pointe. Two years into their marriage, they wanted to join a church as a married couple. They decided to visit Lake Pointe one Sunday morning and, this time, they took a seat instead of taking the stage.

I didn’t have a plan at all. I was just excited to be able to do music and not starve.

They loved the friendly, down-to-earth feel of the church and Pastor Steve’s messages and chose to stay. One week after joining Lake Pointe, they received a phone call from the church, offering them positions on staff as Artists-in-Residence. This meant they would sing and lead when asked, and, in exchange, Lake Pointe would cover their health insurance. "I was doing freelance studio production work and Suzanne was teaching voice lessons. We were young and self-employed, so health insurance was a big deal. We were excited and accepted the offer."

image6Danny became more and more involved with the worship team over the next few years and helped out part-time during the week. As his role grew, so did his musical talents. He crossed over from singing and production work into songwriting, but he never imagined where it all would lead. “I didn’t have a plan at all. I was just excited to be able to do music and not starve.”

A guest artist - a group named “First Call”- came to perform during Christmas in 1996 and, since they were willing to sing any song requested, Danny thought it would be fun to write one. He sat down and wrote, Heavenly Child. After he played it for them, they decided Danny should sing it and they preferred to do background vocals. After they sang it together that year, Heavenly Child has been part of the Christmas services ever since.

We were called to lead worship, so we should go wherever we would be most effective.

Eight years after starting a full-time Music Associate position at Lake Pointe, Danny was offered the Worship Pastor position in a start-up church near Nashville, Tennessee. The capital of Christian music was sure to strengthen their musical gifts and he was eager to take on a larger role. Danny and Suzanne decided to pack up their family of four, including their two small children Jake and Emmy, and move to Nashville.

One year into their new chapter in Nashville, they received another call from Lake Pointe. The position of Worship Pastor had opened up and Pastor Steve wanted Danny to consider coming back. “We had just moved to Nashville when Steve called. I was really getting into songwriting out there and we could have stayed there and figured out how to make a living, but we felt like God was moving us back here. We knew we were called to lead worship, so we should go wherever we would be most effective. That was here at Lake Pointe. We moved back in 1999.”

The whole move was orchestrated by God.

Even though they weren’t gone long, Danny knows their time in Nashville was not a mistake. “The whole move was orchestrated by God. If we hadn’t gone to Nashville, I wouldn’t be personally connected with the music community there and we wouldn’t be able to do things like have Mike Weaver come sing at Easter without his band, Big Daddy Weave.”

Year in and year out, the worship team experiences huge anticipation leading up to Easter and Christmas services. And no matter which guest or performance graces the stage, Danny shares his song Heavenly Child with the church every Christmas. He didn’t know what a big move to Nashville would mean for Lake Pointe, nor did he know what one song could do for one man’s hardened heart one Christmas Eve.